Nikon D700
Focal Length



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Where’d the bottoms go?

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Lunchbox xxx-files: Ive been abducted and forced to fuck a green humanoid. Pretty sure I fucked its asshole cause I have green shit on my dick.  :0

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Lunchbox anal terrorist: If Finger poppin booty holes was illegal……. I’d be captured by seal team 6 and held in Guantanamo bay.

FUCK….I hear a helicopter!

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Lunchbox lawsuit: Im responsible for 75 cases of liver damage.  I think Im going away for a long time.

Note: Thinking about setting up a defense fund. You can show your support by kik’ing me @ lunchboxz.  ;)

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Doctor Lunchbox: I have a doctorate in finger poppin booty holes.  Wanna see my diploma?

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Everyone party hard and have a great Saturday night.

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Lunchbox TV facts: Do you know how the show Howdy Doody got its name. Do I really need to explain further?  ;)

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Lunchbox space cadet: I kinda have a thing for female Russian cosmonauts .  We have tons to talk about since I visit Uranus every weekend.

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Holy shit that’s a piece!

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